Wood Dry Rot & Element Wood Damage Repair in

San Diego, California

Wood Dry Rot Repair - Gallenberger Construction A Partnership San Diego, California
Southern California takes it's toll on wooden framing and structures, from the moist, salty air along the coast, to the inland areas that have extreme hot and cold conditions. Most builders try to safeguard their projects; wood is a natural substance and one can't predict when bacteria, fungus, dry rot or weather may weaken and destroy wood.

When it does, call Gallenberger Construction A Partnership immediately for wood dry rot and element wood damage repairs. Quite often things can spread, weaken supporting structures even endanger those around the structure. It will also decrease the value of any property not treated properly.

We specialize in being able to replace beams, rails, stairs siding, fascia boards, decking, gazebos, cabinetry, framing and much more. Give us a call today at 619-246-8556.